Manfrotto OFF ROAD - stativ červený

Stav: 1A - nový nepoužitý
Záruka: 1 rok
Balení: originální
Doporučená cena: 3390
Doprava: PPL 100,- Kč, dobírka +50,- Kč
Daňový doklad s možností odečtu DPH
Skladem: 5
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Prodejní cena1000 Kč
Prodejní cena bez DPH826 Kč

Lehký turisticky stativ pro kompakty a bezrcadlovky

Technická specifikace:
- instalace zařízení: 1/4"
- průměr trubek nohou: 17 - 15.9 - 14.5 - 12.9 mm
- nastavení noh (úhel): 21 °
- material: hliník 
- počet sekcí nohou: 4
- výška složeného stativu: 55.5 cm
- maximální výška: 122 cm 
- minimální výška: 51.8 cm 
- horizontální rotace: 360°
- bezpečné zatížení: 2.5 kg 
- hmotnost: 0.650 kg
- barva: červená


OFF ROAD is an ultra lightweight tripod engineered in collaboration with Fizan, an Italian market leader in poles for outdoor sports. It is the lightest tripod in the Manfrotto range and is perfect to be carried everywhere without being heavy and bulky. It has been designed to perfectly respond to hikers’ needs being easy and fast to set-up and use. The tripod is extremely compact with a diameter of just 5 cm, easily portable in any situation. With the universal 1” camera attachment and the new quick wheel it is possible to attach and detach your camera in seconds. The built-in ball head and the single adjustment knob are perfect for quick positioning of the camera and for easy locking all movements. The head also features an integrated leveling bubble that helps ensuring the correct shooting position. The tripod legs are made of lightweight aluminum tubes and close telescopically into four sections with a simple Twist-to-Lock mechanism. Legs can be pulled out easily in order to clean them in case of use in the mud/dirt. The feet have spiked bases however are provided with rubber covers for excellent stability on most types of ground.

The OFF ROAD tripod is ideal for Compact System Cameras, Action Cameras and all types of Compact Cameras but thanks to its payload up to 2.5kg/5.51lbs it can be easily used with several models of HDSLR. 

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